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Pantry & Sundries

£5.00 - £20.50
  • Pantry & Sundries
  • Pantry & Sundries
  • Pantry & Sundries
  • Pantry & Sundries
  • Pantry & Sundries

Provence fresh lavender bunches. £13.50 (JUNE)

Our fresh lavender bunches are from France, Provence lavenders are grown at high altitudes, which helps give our lavender that added blue colour and a deeper, longer lasting scent.
Hang up the bunch of lavender to dry and enjoy the lasting aroma and colour whilst it naturally dries.

The season for fresh lavender is short, and we have only limited stock!

Lavender & Orange Perfumed Candles.
(Weck jar 200g)
Handmade for us by a local artisan candlemaker using a variety of 100% natural essential oils, blended with warm vegetable based soy wax.

Each candle is hand poured into our favourite Weck jars and cured for 3 weeks to allow the essential oil to spread out into the soya wax evenly and provide the best scent throw possible.

100% Vegan
Made with premium quality, cruelty free oils.
Cotton and linen woven or wooden wicks.
Made from 100% natural plant based products.
CONTAINS; hydrated soya oil and a unique plant based emulsifier.
Lavender oil and Orange peel oil.

Naturally contains limonene, citral, and linalool.


Our new range of selected white with red rim enamel ware.
Double coated enamel resists stains and scratches.
Available to buy currently;
Ramekins 7 & 8cm.

Dishwasher safe.

Tarte Round Baking mold paper Dia 100mm Height 30mm for tarts
Pack of 5