About us

French vintage baking.

The passion for the company came about on the discovery of an old French vintage recipe book published in 1859, after years of  translating, baking & tasting, we have now perfected over 50 seasonally inspired recipes to suit the palate of the 21st century.

All our products are handmade by us at home in a well organised space and also food & hygiene compliance. We believe in the Simplicity in enjoying wonderful seasonal homemade French baked products using natural ingredients in a simple way.

"We live in a society where our food is corrupted with too much additives. But what if we can get back to good old fashioned homemade goodies using the best ingredients from passionate producers with a similar ethos as we have".

We bake with true passion and with utter dedication to original and pure flavours. This involves, among other things, using the best possible ingredients, real butter, freshly milled flour and cane sugar/ honey. No strange additives. We make everything from scratch, take no shortcuts and let everything take the time it needs. It’s the only way we can make it as wonderful and delicious as we want.

We are a very seasonal baking kind of business. Besides Fruits and vegetables taste so much better in their season, it's in abundant, cheaper and always something to look forward to in season.

Thank you for stopping by, we hope you enjoy our products.


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A Bientôt!

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