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Baking classes

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Whether you are looking for artisan croissant making, or a Confiture workshop, or just a traditional French Pâtisserie class. We’ve got it covered with a variety of baking classes.

Amidst the mixing, chopping, and the gentle lore of conversation, guests learn practical aspects of French baking and cooking and the importance of sourcing from local artisans. And when the class is complete, guests take home much more than just the recipes. They’ll each return home inspired to bake and cook from scratch.

Private + Group classes.
Corporate classes.
Children’s baking classes.
Ingredient Shopping.


2pm - 5pmish
Class of 4.
You will be making savoury and sweet pastry.
Pate Sucrée
Pâte Sablée.

Creating a cheese Tarte and a frangipane Tarte.
We will help you perfect making pastry in just a couple of hours.

Croissant 3 day class. 4am- 6am
Suitable for those who would like to take their baking skills further. Perfect class for home bakers and and experienced bakers.

Join us for this exciting viennisorie class. Learn in real time whilst we make the dough for our Microbakery.

Croissant making is a 3-5 days (involving a lot of chilling period) process depending on the temperature. This class would be spread over three mornings to best understand this traditional process.of making an authentic french croissant.

Day 1; fermenting the yeast and adding to the flour. Prepping the butter for lamination.

Day 2;; adding the butter to the dough. Lamination.

Day 3;: shaping two favourite pastry, croissant and pain au chocolat and baking.

PLEASE NOTE; Allergen information: this course uses wheat, dairy and egg. Unfortunately we aren’t currently able to tailor recipes for substitutions or alterations, as these can fundamentally change the composition and outcome of the recipes. For more information regarding our ingredients, please contact us before booking your course.
Contact us at [email protected] for more details.

Cancellation Policy: You must notify us 10 full business days before your scheduled class to get a refund. You can transfer your seat to a different date or class if you notify us 5 full business days before your scheduled class. Any changes made within 5 full business days of the class cannot be accepted. Due to our small class sizes and to avoid increases in our ticket prices, there are no exceptions to this policy, including illness or any other reason. However, you are welcome to transfer your tickets to any friends or family who can go in your place.